Dancing group on stageSombrero Festival, Ltd. throws a party for Brownsville the last weekend in February each year during Charro Days, traditionally held in Washington Park in Downtown Brownsville. Sombrero Festival was founded in 1986 to enhance the Charro Days celebration and to provide a venue targeting a broad segment of the community. Our average annual attendance is 40,000. We maintain a low gate admission price for adults, while also offering free admission times to ensure everyone in our community can attend. Children under 12 are always admitted free when accompanied by an adult. We maintain a cooperative agreement with numerous local non-profit groups whereby the group performs volunteer service and we make a donation to their organization. To date, Sombrero Festival, Ltd. has returned approximately $1.5 million back to the community through non-profit organizations and direct donations for tourism, beautification, and recreation venues in the City of Brownsville. Sombrero Festival is staffed completely by volunteers and is a 501 –(c) (4) non-profit organization. Our annual gross income is $400,000, and we retain start-up money for the next year's festival. The remainder pays our bills and is invested back in the community. Sombrero Festival provides the best marketing venue during Charro Days.

Our 3 day event attracts this large segment of the population by featuring well-known Hispanic Artists, local music, unique food-booths, popular events such as the Jalapeno Eating Contest, Waiters Race, Grito Contest, Charro Days Classic 5K run, Tortilla Frisbee Toss, Hat-Stack Relay, and the only Charro Bean cookoff we know of, Frijolympics. We provide a fenced, secure, and family oriented festival.

Sombrero Fest 2009 Sponsors

Norma A. Gomez

President-Elect 2015
Dillon Vanderford

VP Operations
Gabe Pena

AVP Operations

Roger Gonzalez

VP Special Ops
Lupita Vera

AVP Special Ops
Margarito Maldonado

VP Events
Anika Portillo

AVP Events
Patty Hernandez

AVP Events
Michael A. Cuellar

AVP Para Ninos
Michelle Garcia

VP Entertainment
Ernie Barrientes

AVP Entertainment
Gabriela Flores

VP Cookoff Events
Veronica Peña

AVP Cookoff Events
Connie Hensley
Inelda Zuniga

Deputy Secretary
Norma Salazar

Membership Coordinator

Emily M Mathers

Assistant Membership Coordinator

Veronica Hunt


Roel Aviles

Deputy Treasurer

Chair Booth 1

Sara Tamez

Chair Booth 2
Alberto Sanchez

Chair Cantina II
Manuel Fernandez

VP Vendor Services
Albert Garza

AVP Vendor Services
Lupita Rosales

Chair Charro Days Classic 5K Run
Tiny Barrientes

Corporate Marketing Team
Roy De los Santos, Jr.
Olga Gonzalez
Letty Rodriguez
Narciso Escareno
Viro Cardenas
Victoria Perez
Al Pena
Irma Garcia
Patty Rodriguez
Mario Vera
Rachel Galvan
Julie Arellano
Cris Garza
Rosemary Hensley-Robledo
Edward Mathers

Sombrero Festival Board of Directors
Danny Loff
Mark Bernard
Dan Alaniz – Chief Financial Officer
Mary Alice Loya
Alonso (Tiny) Barrientes
David Hanawa
Jose Luis Martinez
Jack Loff
Robert (Bobby) Lerma
Mary Jane Jackson
David Vela
Molly Plitt
Sammy Herrera
Roberto H. Solis 
Roy Gonzalez

Adrian Garcia
Poncho Gomez
David Musso
Tommy Bermudez – Board Secretary
Sandra Herrera
Roy De los Santos, Jr. – Chairman & CEO
Gabriel (Gabe) Pena
J J Gonzalez
Sergio Rodriguez
Olga Gonzalez

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